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Niles strives to build a highly qualified team of dedicated professionals who embrace a culture focused on creating leaders...

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With generations of loyal team members, Niles Industrial continues to provide Best-in-class solutions. In November 2002...


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Best-In-Class Safety, Coatings and Technology


Niles strives to build a highly qualified team of dedicated professionals who embrace a culture focused on creating leaders which ensures value for our customers.

When it comes to industrial and commercial coatings,
we’re Best-in-Class.

Niles Industrial Coatings is the industry leader, offering the highest-quality service, on-time delivery and best return on your investment. Here’s why:

Experience. Niles has provided safe, economical and value-added solutions to clients for more than 80 years. Our team has a diverse background serving multiple industries, including commercial, industrial, chemical and more. Our reputation and resources, including extensive inventory of equipment, allows us to maintain strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies.

Service depth and breadth. Whether you need to paint a manufacturing plant, coat a concrete floor, sandblast a substrate, build scaffolding, or completely refurbish a stadium, our highly trained, highly scalable workforce (from 125 to 585) will handle the job quickly, efficiently and safely. Our crews are spread throughout 10 states, and can handle projects lasting weeks or months, as well as long-term or perpetual projects.

A culture of safety. We continue to provide the highest level of safety, performance and quality clients have come to expect. Recently, we earned the CREST Award for 250,000 hours of work without a single incident or injury.

Leading technology. We continually embrace emerging technology, systems and partnerships that produce results that are faster and more efficient, yet safer and higher quality with reduced costs. We utilize the latest technology and systems engineering in the field, in partnership with suppliers, in our unmatched cost-accounting technologies, and with our partners to boost efficiency.

185’ man lift used to tackle silo in Arkansas

University of Michigan “Big House” Painting Project Team, 2013

About Us

Expanding success, year after year.

In 1958, Ronald L. Niles and his sons Ronald, Gary and Dan Niles founded the Genesee Decorating Company in Flint, Michigan. Over the next 40 years, the Genesee Painting Company expanded its reputation and business by earning client trust, building a culture of safety and successfully handling larger and larger projects.

In 2002, Ryan Niles (the son of Dan Niles) launched Niles Industrial and was by Genesee Painting’s core management staff. After the first year, Niles Industrial sales hit a staggering $6 million a year.

Today, Niles continues its tradition of innovation and safety leadership.

Quality Statement

Best-In-Class Safety, Coatings and Technology.

Our primary goal is to be the best in our field, furnishing clients with the finest quality and value. We are committed to providing painting, coatings and associated services that not only meet but exceed our clients’ requirements.

Our dedication to client satisfaction is evident in all that we do. We accept nothing less than “best in class.” As a result, we achieve better job results than competitors. At the same time, offering the highest quality and value also includes building the best safety record, which is the price of admission in today’s “Best-in-Class” environment.

Nowhere is our client satisfaction and safety record more evident than when clients recommend our services to others. In that way, we ensure future work for Niles employees and security for their families.

Team Members

With generations of loyal team members, Niles Industrial continues to provide Best-in-Class solutions.

In November 2002, a third generation of the Niles family took a leadership role in the industrial coating business when Ryan Niles formed Niles Industrial LLC. Under Ryan’s tenure, Niles Industrial Coatings continues to maintain strong relationships in the automotive industry while establishing new relationships in a variety of manufacturing, chemical, industrial and utility sectors. Ryan’s focus is to incorporate technology in many day-to-day activities to give visibility to operations and, more importantly, clients.