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With generations of loyal team members, Niles Industrial continues to provide Best-in-class solutions. In November 2002...


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A culture of safety. We continue to provide the highest level of safety, performance and quality clients have come to expect. Recently...

Best-In-Class Safety, Coatings and Technology


Emerging technology and systems offer clients the best of all worlds.

Technology is only as good as the systems supporting it. We continually embrace emerging technology, systems and partnerships that produce results that are:

 • Faster

 • More efficient

 • Safer

 • Higher quality

 • More cost-effective

Field Technology

Cost equations mean so much more than time and material today. Our deep (and broad) experience allows us to highly engineer systems for each job so it is completed faster and more efficiently. Our proprietary systems harness teamwork, foster accountability and boost safety. They’re also what allow us to paint a 150,000-square-foot shop in two days. That means your crew leaves the plant Friday afternoon and returns Monday morning to a brighter, freshly painted plant, boosting morale and productivity. Our field technology also allows us to paint 20 bays in a weekend while our competitors can only paint two.

Supplier Technology

With our size, scale and experience, product manufacturers ask us to field test new coatings, insulation, fireproofing and other new technologies. That gives our clients access to leading-edge technology before it hits the marketplace, like paint that lets you drive a forklift over it within an hour of application.

Cost-Accounting Technology

While competitors use off-the-shelf accounting software, we’ve actually developed detailed, timely cost-accounting technology. We track costs from paintbrushes to man-hours and everything in between that affects client costs.

Integrated Voice Recognition

There are often hidden costs that affect project efficiency, like the time it takes to get past a security gate, a permit issued or access to water. We integrate technology as an operational tool to whittle out inefficiencies. The proprietary technology uses web-based and mobile technology, allowing us (and you) to monitor job progress in real time, hour by hour.