Our highly trained and experienced operations and logistics personnel will anticipate and react to project needs, supply trucks, book inbound and outbound freight, and coordinate with suppliers and company personnel to ensure prompt deliveries and constant flow of material and equipment needs on every project. Our logistics management team can cover the needs of Transportation Management, Supply Chain Management, and all domestic projects. In addition, all purchased, owned, and rental materials and equipment is tracked, coordinated, and provided for each project as required.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to 100 percent on-time delivery of both materials and equipment. Niles Industrial Coatings prides ourselves on working with world class suppliers who deliver the best total value. NIC defines total value as providing the best quality, service, on-time delivery, and cost. Our suppliers are more than factors of production, they are partners. Vendor partners to NIC are innovative industry leaders. Niles Industrial Coatings works with our vendors to bring our customers the ‘Best in Class’ level of service. We strive to eliminate waste, improve efficiency, and reduce cost.

We work with world class suppliers.